It happened more than once.

“I was approached about two weeks ago and again this week,” Drew Schneider, with Petworth News, said.

Teenagers were begging for money on the Metro.

“Someone who looks like they could be a late teen anywhere from 16, 19 years old,” Schneider recalled. “They were just going person to person showing them the flyer.”

The flyer claimed to be a fundraiser for sports uniforms at Roosevelt High School in Petworth.

“I saw that the piece of paper said at the top Roosevelt Rough Riders,” D.C. Councilmember Robert White said. “I gave him my card and I said give me a call at my office and I'll try to find a way to help you.”

Councilmember White came across the guys on the train, too... and had his office look into the validity of the fundraiser.

He quickly discovered it was all a scam.

A school district spokesperson told WUSA9 the so-called fundraiser is "...not affiliated with Roosevelt High School or DCPS."

“I was so angry when I found out that this was a fraud because so many of us in this city really do want to do everything we can to look out for, to help our students,” White said..

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“If you want to make a donation to a D.C. school awesome, but go through their specific channels that they have available. That's a great way to do it,” Schneider said.

Roosevelt HS mainly has fundraisers on its campus and under adult supervision.

If there is ever any question about if a fundraiser is real, call the school or check its Twitter feed to hopefully prevent yourself from becoming the next victim.

“There is someone out there really preying on people's heart strings,” White said.

If you are looking to support Roosevelt High School, check out the event they are having on Friday.