The debate following a mass shooting is always a polarizing one, but after listening to their arguments, both sides have more in common than you may think.

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WUSA9 spoke to George Lyon, a Pro-Second Amendment Attorney with Arsenal Attorneys. We also spoke to Seton McIlroy, a volunteer with the Falls Church-McLean Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. She's pro-gun control.

When it comes to firearms, both say it’s not just mass shootings that are an issue.

“I also find it extremely tragic that every weekend in Chicago, about an equal number of people are shot," said Lyon.

“Most gun-violence is not mass causalities. It’s not Vegas. It’s not Charleston, it is the everyday, 93 people who die. About 70 percent is suicides," said McIlroy.

Both feel background checks are significant.

“For domestic abuse, that needs to be reported to the system," said Lyon before learning the Air Force did not report the Texas shooter's criminal history to the FBI.

McIlroy spoke to us after the update. “Maybe he would’ve been stopped had the Air Force passed that information along," she said, acknowledging we don't know for sure.

In the Texas shooting, both also believe it’s more than a mental health issue, but they definitely don’t agree on possible solutions.

"I think Texas needs to appeal this prohibition on carrying a personal protection firearm in a church," said Lyon.

“When you look at all these events. The common thread tends to be that there’s a gun," said McIlroy.

Here's one more where they agree:

“If you want an answer that will stop this, I don’t have it," said Lyon

“There’s not one solution," said McIlroy.