Reagan National Airport is getting a big public pat on the back for its efforts in trying to reunite a 6-year-old with a beloved friend. A stuffed marmot – that’s a large mountainous squirrel went missing when the family returned from Boston Tuesday.

The parents called the airport and told them it disappeared somewhere between the American Airlines gate in Terminal C and the garage.

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The airport needed some extra help, so they posted a picture on twitter with the caption, “Beloved animal slept with 6-year-old since infancy.”

The airport used the hashtag #FindtheBadger. The tweet was retweeted almost 800 times and liked more than 500.

Airport officials later realized their badger was actually a marmot later tweeting, “now that we got the name right maybe he’ll come home.”

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Have you seen this stuffed marmot?

Let’s help reunite these two! If you have seen it, please contact airport officials.