Some three hours before the State of the Union even started, protesters took to the Capitol.

They marched from the Lutheran Church of the Reformation on East Capitol St. NE, carrying a coffin. Those participating called the protest a "Funeral Procession."

It was a direct reply to the Administration's Immigration plan that would ultimately legalize DACA. However, protesters said among other things, it would restrict what's called "Family or Chain Migration” – it would “kill family reunification,” in their words.

Monica Camacho Perez said, “My parents to have TPS. My parents don’t qualify for DACA. What’s going to happen to them, what’s going to happen to our parents?”

Camacho Perez told WUSA9 she’s a 23-year-old Maryland “Dreamer.”

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Alejandro Garcia said he was brought to California at 10-months-old. He is now a “Dreamer.”

"We are fighting our fight against…this new platform of using Dreamers as chess pieces for their political gains,” said Garcia, who also said he flew in from the West Coast to participate.

Protesters chanted, “Fighting for justice, and our Dreamers,” as they went around the U.S. Capitol Building.

Their biggest worry on Tuesday night was on what would be said about Dreamers: the hundreds of thousands brought over illegally as children. Their time is running out.

“This funeral procession will represent how the Administration’s rhetoric and policies have killed the prospects of a clean DREAM Act and set up a framework that could kill family reunification. This funeral also represents the thousands of immigrants who will potentially lose their lives should Trump’s immigration proposal become law, in addition to the lives already lost after Trump terminated DACA in September 2017.”

Patrick Carolan, the Executive Dir. of the Franciscan Action Network, said, “They have two months -- a month-in-a-half left. Had president trump not rescinded the order protecting them, they were protected...we need to take care of these 800,000 young people who are here, they are working, they’re paying taxes."

"In my community, Korean Americans, nearly one-in-seven are undocumented,” said Sookyung Oh with NAKASEC (National Korean American Service & Education Consortium). "It's was our message to say the state of our Union is in State of Emergency."

The Korean-American group, NAKASEC, was actually the group that organized the funeral procession protest.

After the march, Dreamers and Immigrant supporters watched the President’s State of the Union Address inside the church.

Other Dreamers told WUSA9 they were playing to boycott President Trump by not watching.