Capital Pride is this weekend in DC, but not everyone in the LGBT community is happy with the event.

A group named "No Justice No Pride" has criticized Capital Pride for its use of corporate sponsors. The organization also believes Capital Pride should scale back its use of police to patrol the event.

No Justice No Peace plans to hold alternate events to Capital Pride throughout the weekend. The group held a march against the alleged corporatization of Capital Pride Friday evening in Logan Circle.

Allison Aguilar organized the march. She said she believes Pride should be a celebration of the LGBT political resistance against societal norms.

"We think that pride is meant to be a celebration of that struggle," she said.

Some of Capital Pride's sponsors include Wells Fargo, MGM Grand and McDonalds. No Justice No Pride has asked Capital Pride to cut companies like Wells Fargo from its sponsorship because it has financial ties to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

However, Capital Pride organizers have defended their event. Cathy Renna, communications consultant of Capital Pride, said corporate America has done a lot to help the LGBT community too.

"In terms of work place issues, but also in terms of supporting our organization," she said.


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