Thursday is a big day for football fans. It is the start of the NFL draft in Philadelphia.

Usually it’s NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell who makes the announcements, but this year, a local team's first draft pick will be made by a special guest announcer.

TJ, age 14, is a big Raven’s fans. He has been playing offense against a very tough opponent, brain cancer.

Not that he is in remission, his dream is coming true thanks to Make-A-Wish. He is headed to Philadelphia to announce the Ravens' first draft pick on national television.

Ravens head coach, John Hargaugh, surprised TJ with a message at a school assembly.

“We are thrilled for you. We are proud to have you call out that first draft name for the Baltimore Ravens,” said Hargaugh. “Have a great wish TJ. Have a great day. We love you.”

“My mind went on overdrive,” said TJ. “Like what’s going on, what’s going on.”

You can catch TJ announce the Raven’s pick on Thursday night on ESPN, the NFL Network, or beginning at 8 p.m.