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Is your DC water tasting, smelling different? Here's why

The switch will last until May 7th.
Credit: Creatas Images
Woman drinking water

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) — A switch in the D.C. water disinfectant may change the way your water smells and tastes.

On Tuesday, DC Water temporarily switched the city's water disinfectant from chloramine to chlorine. The switch will last until May 7th.

To reduce the taste or smell of the disinfectant, DC Water recommends the following:

  • Run the cold water tap for two minutes. Run it for five to 10 minutes when water is not used for several hours.
  • Refrigerate cold tap water in an open pitcher. Within a few hours, the chlorine taste and odor will disappear.
  • Some filters may reduce the chlorine taste and smell. DC Water recommends using devices that are installed at your faucet tap or pitcher-style filters. Use a filter certified to meet NSF standards and replace the filter as recommended by the manufacturer.

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