WASHINGTON (WUSA9) — Student protesters at Howard University say they are no longer calling on university president Wayne Frederick to resign.

According to a tweet sent out by the student group HUResist, which is in its ninth day of protest and eighth day of negotiations, they said they want to "recenter our cause around the overall improvement of our institution instead of the elimination of one figure."

"We are recentering our vision of student power to be a collective effort including the board of trustees," they tweeted.

The students have been protesting for nine days after a story came to light about 6 university employees embezzling financial aid money from the school.

They created a list of demands and told the university they wouldn't stop a sit-in in the administration building until their demands were met.

LIST: Howard University student demands

During the protesters, some supporters of the university's president emerged and have tried to help students change their demands about the president.