Howard University is investigating whether one of its professors held a mock slave auction during class on March 9. The story was first published in Cage Bird Magazine, a magazine written by students from different colleges aimed towards minorities.

Some students who spoke to WUSA9 said if the allegations are true, the professor needs to face some serious consequences.

According to the magazine, on March 9, a white professor at Howard wanted to teach his class about the hardships of a slaver from Frederick Douglass' Slave Narrative. The report said the professor asked a black male student to stand up and began to examine him as if he were on a slave auction block.

"I thought it was wild and crazy that he kept going even after the reaction of the students," said student Lena Willis.

The magazine article goes on to say the professor asked the student to turn around so the other students could see his butt.

"Especially if you're telling someone to turn around and show their behind, I don't think their attention was to each," said Paris Copeland, a Howard University Junior.

Howard University released a statement today saying, "The University is aware of the incident and is investigating the matter."