Valentine's Day is almost here. If you're single and you want to celebrate with a date, we have three expert tips that won't leave you lonely.

We talked to dating expert, Jaime Bernstein, who works with matchmaking company, Three Day Rule. Bernstein said the odds are in your favor, "D.C. is the number one dating capital. This is according to Time Out, meaning two out of five people are single and looking to mingle. Two out of five, that's huge!"

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We asked Bernstein for three top tips.

Bernstein said it's essential to date outside your type, "Number one, be open-minded. Get outside of your comfort zone a little bit. Don't stick with 'this has been my type, this is the only type of person I can see.'"

Tip number two? Get out. You might meet more people, but you might find yourself expanding your experiences, and that makes you more attractive to many.

"Allow yourself to be open to new experiences and new people, and it also helps with your confidence. Right? When you're sitting around, moping, and just kind of blah on the couch, who feels good or exciting? Not many people," Bernstein said.

And Bernstein's last tip, "A third thing would be to say yes to a blind date or a setup."

Happy Valentine's Day!