Broadway star, composer and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda arrived in D.C. on Thursday night to stop by Hamilton at the Kennedy Center and to visit an ‘old friend.’

All of this is according to his Twitter feed where Miranda posted a picture on Thursday showing him smiling alongside former President Barack Obama and his dad, Luis A. Miranda Jr.

No word yet on if Obama was attending the show, or if that's where Miranda was at all, but it’s known that his friendship with Miranda goes back to his days in the White House.

In 2016, the Obamas invited Miranda and the rest of the New York cast of Hamilton to the White House, where the duo dropped some freestyle rap in the Rose Garden.

Another friend Miranda saw during his visit? Chef José Andrés, who was wearing a shirt that said "Immigrants feed America." A popular line quoted from Hamilton is "Immigrants. We get the job done."

Like Miranda, Andrés has been a strong voice for more aid to Puerto Rico, still devastated following Hurricane Maria.

The coveted Hamilton tickets sold out quickly in D.C., with people waiting hours at the box office, online and on the phone, to win a spot. Meanwhile, fans had to be willing to shell out a pretty steep fee to see the show.

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There is some hope, of course, to see the popular show. Like when the show was playing in New York, excited fans can try and enter the #Ham4Ham lottery for the chance to win $10 tickets ahead of a performance. The real Hamilton, of course, is on the $10 bill. Winners are selected randomly, so all you can really do is cross your fingers.

But, for now, we’ll just enjoy a nice reunion of friends.