Students packed into an auditorium on George Washington University's campus on Monday night to demand action be taken, after three members of the sorority Alphi Phi posted a picture to Snapchat many say was racially insensitive.

The sorority ended up suspending those members and also apologized, calling the picture "racist, ignorant, and harmful." The statement also said "we recognize there are issues within our organization relating to our privilege and lack of diversity."

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The apology was not enough for many students and the student senate announced they would hold this meeting, asking for several actions to be taken. It's called the "Alphi Phi Bigotry Act."

The senate wants the latest class of the sorority, the Iota Iota chapter, to be kicked off campus, and to be excluded from social events. Lastly, they want all members of the Greek life to undergo diversity and inclusion training.

Student Carmen Turner came to the meeting with her friend.

"I would like to see accountability to be shown to the people that have hurt so many people," she said.

Her friend Emma Anderson, also wants accountability.

"I think they should be kicked off campus but I also think that Greek life needs to have a lot more regulation and a lot more accountability and - they need to take more seriously their issues of classism and racism," she said.

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The University agreed the picture was disturbing and has said they are seriously considering action, but as of this meeting, none had been taken.

"When I came to University, I assumed that everybody here would be very progressive, very forward-thinking, I assumed that everybody would have an open mind, and to come to your University and see that it's not this way is what's more disappointing to me, because I thought this would be my safe haven," said Abiola Agoro, the President of GW's NAACP Chapter.