Conflicting witness statements, explicit social media posts, and a video of several men with guns was just a taste of what court documents revealed in a high school freshman’s murder case.

Anthony Allen is accused of killing 14-year-old Steven Slaughter in Southeast, D.C. in January.

“Yeah. It’s definitely still emotional for me,” Tim Phillips said.

Phillips used to coach Slaughter on the Tar Heels football team and said the loss has been tough.

“It’s devastating to the community,” he said. “I’m sure devastating to the city as well.”

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Slaughter was gunned down during an attempted robbery on Minnesota Avenue.

Detectives tracked down a stolen car believed to be involved in the shooting.

The murder weapon was found inside, according to detectives.

Officers lifted fingerprints off of the car and tracked it down to a home on C Street inked to Anthony Allen.

Allen’s phone number was used to find his Facebook page.

He was charged with Steven’s murder.

According to court documents, Allen claimed he did not pull the trigger but admitted to being in the car while he and his friends looked for people to rob in the neighborhood.

GPS records revealed that car was parked less than four miles away at the Mayfair Mansions after the killing.

Police found a video of Allen posted to YouTube in December 2017.

The footage involved several people – including two men believed to be in the car on the night that Steven was killed.

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Investigators said the men were all toting gun in the video, and one person even had a weapon similar to the one used to kill Slaughter.

The video was shot at the Mayfair Mansions.

Witnesses told police that explicit messages were posted about slaughter on Instagram and Snapchat the day following the killing.

One message read: “*expletive* Steve. We slid last night his *expletive* heck his dm on his phone. Oh wait. We took that.”

Police later determined those involved never took Slaughter’s phone because it was recovered from the scene.

Court records showed Slaughter was shot three times and later died at the hospital.

In 2018, police said six people under 19-years-old were killed in DC.

Out of those six homicide cases, two of them were closed because police made arrests.

It is important to note that two of the six killings happened in 2017 but were ruled homicides this year.

Allen will be in jail until a preliminary hearing set for April.