People burned American flags Wednesday on American University's campus in Northwest, D.C.

Warning: these videos contain language some may find offensive.

Several dozen people were gathered around a man who held up a small American flag while he pulled out a lighter and set it on fire. At one point, a woman tried to help.

“Watch as your precious little flag of patriarchic white supremacy burns in your f****** flesh and eyes,” the man said to the crowd while the upside down flag went up in flames.

Twitter user Saira tweeted videos of the scene, including one where a woman screamed “This is a representation of America” while holding up the burning flag.

Saira also reported people in the crowd chanting “F*** white America.”

Earlier in the afternoon, AU tweeted a message to students calling for the campus to come together following the election and a season of division.

WUSA9 multimedia journalist Elizabeth Jia reported seeing a heated exchange involving Black Student Alliance members and other students on campus. One student held up a ballot with the words "Why did you vote hate?" written on it.

On Wednesday, protests also were reported at the University of Pittsburgh, University of Texas, University Connecticut, and California State University North Ridge.