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Grandmother races back into burning building to save 2-year-old grandson

Though the family is lucky to all be alive, they lost everything in the blaze. Neighbors rallied quickly and donated everything from school supplies to toiletries.

WASHINGTON — Neighbors in a Northeast D.C. community quickly mobilized to help their neighbors who lost everything in a raging fire Sunday.

"The love is just so overwhelming," James Caviness-Bey said as he walked into a donation drive organized by his neighborhood commissioner, LaRoya Huff.

Neighbors donated everything, from school supplies to toiletries.

Caviness-Bey was working overnights at Wal-Mart when he got word of the fire, with his family still inside their Madison street home.

But on Wednesday night, he was able to thank D.C. firefighters for their quick response. He also recognized the person he calls the real hero: his wife.

"Ya'll should've put my wife on the fire team," Caviness-Bey told firefighters.

His wife ran back into their burning home when she realized their two-year-old grandson was still inside.

With the flames intensifying, Edwina Caviness-Bey dropped her grandson from the second floor window into her son's arms.

"My wife always put family first," Caviness-Bey said.

From there, she had no choice but to jump out. She had second-degree burns, a fractured pelvis and wrist, and is still in the intensive care unit preparing for surgery.

In the meantime, Caviness-Bey said they're all just grateful to be here.

"I’m glad everyone’s alive."

Caviness-Bey, his son and grandson all got to thank their neighbors Wednesday night. Even the family dog, whom for hours they thought had died in the blaze, made an appearance.

"This will be with me forever," Caviness-Bey said.

Neighbors are planning another donation drive to support this family in the coming days. In the meantime, they’ve set up a GoFundMe page.

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