The man that was seriously injured after a tree fell onto his car in the District Monday night is now in stable condition.

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The person was crushed, but not killed, and it could all be thanks to the heroic efforts of some good Samaritans.

In the heart of late afternoon rush hour on Rock Creek Parkway, where people are making their way home in cars or on bikes, something happened to make dozens of them stop.

"I was just riding home and all of a sudden I came up on this car that had been crushed by a tree," says Michael Durr.

Durr was one of the good Samaritans who jumped off his bike when he saw the massive tree crushing the car.

"I hope there's not anyone left in the car," Durr says he remembers thinking.

But there was someone inside. A Maryland man was trapped under the trunk of the tree.

Emergency crews weren't there yet, but a quick-thinking Park Police Officer was.

"The police officer said, 'hey, let's just get the tree off the car,'" remembers Durr. "I'm thinking to myself, 'this tree is too big for people to move it."

It was too big for just one person to move, but Durr wasn't alone, he had the man power of about 20 or 30 strangers, determined to save a man's life.

"Everyone just ran over to the tree and lifted it and someone pushed the car out and we dropped the tree," he says.

"The whole thing lasted less than 20 seconds. Once it went up they moved the thing out and said OK, we're going to drop it," says Durr.

The group of people sacrificed a few seconds of their day, and that no doubt saved valuable time and potentially that man's life. Soon after the tree was moved rescue crews arrived took the man to the hospital. He's now listed in stable condition.

"I think anybody would have done exactly the same thing," says Durr. "There was no sacrifice, it was just let's lift this off."

The victim's name has not yet been released.

Park Police investigators are looking into what lead to the tree falling.