A retired Montgomery County doctor got the chance Wednesday to thank the man and woman who saved his life.

“I’m very, very lucky to be here,” Dr. Edward Cornfeld told the crowd at Engine Company 29 in Northwest, D.C.

He was enjoying a show at Folgers Theater in June when he suddenly collapsed from a heart attack. After a few moments passed and no one stepped forward to help, Dylan Mehri jumped into action, using skills he learned as an Eagle Scout to help save Dr. Cornfeld’s life.

“I’ve been prepared for that moment,” Mehri said. “I’d never been in a situation where I needed to use my CPR training abilities, but I just realized that I needed to do as much as I could.”

Also in the audience that night was Michelle Michaels, who has been a nurse practitioner for more than 21 years. It was the first time she used CPR outside of a hospital. DC Fire and EMS units also came to the rescue.

“These people really are the people who deserve all the praise,” Dr. Cornfeld said. “They did fantastically well, obviously, or I wouldn’t be here.”

DC Fire and EMS honored Dr. Cornfeld’s life savers with the Cardiac Arrest Save Coin. They’re only the second group to receive the coins. DC FEMS recently created the award to honor individuals whose knowledge of CPR paid off.

“I think Dr. Cornfeld is a great example of its value,” Michaels said. “You can truly save a life.”