WASHINGTON — A giant bald-faced hornet's nest was spotted in a tree near the Union Station Metro was taken down on Thursday afternoon. 

The removal of the nest took a total of 15 minutes. Authorities said the nest was the size of a volleyball. 

Wasp nest removed
A giant wasp nest was removed on Thursday.
Courtesy of American Pest


If you're headed toward Union Station in Northwest, D.C., proceed with caution. A massive bald-faced hornet's nest has been spotted in a tree near a busy walkway close to the Metro station. 

The nest is located at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and New Jersey Avenue NW, approximately a 10 minute walk from Union Station. 

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A few cones sit positioned on the sidewalk under the tree, warning people about the danger that's nesting in the tree. 

The bald-faced hornet's nest is really big, hard to miss and dangerous. 

The property owner said the nest will be removed at some point. 

Wasp nest near Union Station
A massive wasp nest was spotted near Union Station.