WASHINGTON — The notes appeared mysteriously overnight. The reaction brought tears to the eyes to residents of the 1300 block of Potomac Avenue SE.

A mysterious heart attack victim whose life was saved by good Samaritans on the block had returned to spread thanks in a most public way.

"You Saved My Life," the sign read in block letters. The writer described how he had a heart attack behind the wheel resulting in a crash, how strangers pulled him unconscious from his car after the accident, called 911 and performed CPR.

The signs were signed: "Forever Grateful, Joe."

"That just touched our hearts," said Deborah Williams who was involved in the heroics after the accident damaged both her and her husband's parked cars.

Deborah Williams
Deborah Williams

Williams said "Joe" was unresponsive, not breathing and had turned pale and blue when he was first seen behind the wheel.

As "Joe's" passenger tried to help, Deborah and her husband Alphonso Williams were among those who pulled "Joe" out of the car.

Another resident, Rome Gross ran to get a nurse.

The unidentified woman, known to neighbors as Miss Toni, responded immediately and performed CPR.

Deborah Williams called Miss Toni "an angel".

"She just got down there and started pumping on him," Williams marveled.

"She hugged my wife," said Alphonso Williams. "I was thinking that between prayer and people sticking together, we can even bring back life," Mr. Williams said with tears beginning to well.

Alphonso Williams
Alphonso Williams

The heroic nurse was not available to speak with WUSA9

Attempts to contact "Joe" were not successful.

However, "Joe" is a retired gentleman who lives only a block away from the incident, according to a neighbor who confirmed his identity.

"Joe" is out of the hospital and recovering at home, according to his thank you note.

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