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First ever Paddle Pub coming to Potomac River

The city's first ever cycleboat is taking your reservations starting now, with the maiden voyage on September 24.
Potomac Paddle Pub (Courtesty Potomac Paddle Pub)

WASHINGTON -- It's the water sport you didn't know you needed: The first ever Potomac River Paddle Pub is coming to D.C.

The city's first ever cycleboat is taking your reservations starting now, with the maiden voyage on September 24 (For anyone who doesn't speak "boat," that's when the first ride is).

Here's how it works: Get on the boat with up to 14 of your friends.

Bring your own snacks and beer to enjoy (no liquor allowed). The boat provides coolers and ice to keep things fresh.

Paddle like you would on a bike to move the boat around the Potomac so you can take in some of the city's sights with not only a unique vantage, but probably a bit of a buzz, too.

Up to 10 paddlers sit in the center and actually move the boat, while furniture around the rest of the boat provides for five more to be lazy, or take a break.

Your captain will safely navigate your ride, which is 90 minutes long.

And yes, there is a Bluetooth music hookup to keep the ride bumpin'.

Introducing DC’s first and only 15-passenger pontoon pedal boat - The Potomac Paddle Pub! All journeys are BYOB, and passengers can enjoy food, beverages, and one another’s company in an intimate bar setting as they pedal past some of the most scenic views of the nation’s capital.

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The costs vary whether it's a weekday or a weekend.

Weekday: $500 for the whole boat, or $45 for individual adults and $25 for kids under 12 (yes, kids can come along). That prices applies for the following hours:

  • Monday-Thursday: 3pm-9pm
  • Friday: 9am-1pm

Weekend: $625 for the whole boat. No individuals during the following hours:

  • Friday: 3pm-9pm
  • Saturday/Sunday: 9am-9pm

Divide that by 15 (because we know you hate math), and you've got a $41.67 per person cost to enjoy the ride!

The creators of the newest water attraction in the District grew up in Arlington, according to their website. Jack Maher and Jack Walten graduated from Yorktown High School.

The boats launch from 3100 K Street NW, Washington, DC.

Now that you've been woke on this newest leisure activity, reserve your boat by clicking here.