WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — Some furloughed federal workers and contractors are selling their belongings to help themselves get by during the partial government shutdown.

Consignment stores, like Current Boutique in Northwest, D.C., say some federal workers have offered to sell them their extra clothes in order to make some extra cash.

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"I do think that they're thinking about how there might be some money in the future when their items sell," said Current Boutique store manager Andrea Beaty.

Workers at the Buffalo Exchange, along 14th Street NW, also say they have received clothes from furloughed federal workers too.

However, not all consignment stores have seen more people walking through their doors.

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Frugalista, in D.C.'s Mt. Pleasant neighborhood, says it has actually observed a 40 percent decrease in daily sales due to the shutdown.

Store manager Ana Cajina said furloughed customers are looking to save more money. She added that has made life harder for her business.

"If we are not getting all of that income," she said. "We cannot pay the employees. So, their hours are being cut as well."