WASHINGTON (WUSA9) --  As millions of Americans prepare for Super Bowl Sunday, the people at City Dogs Rescue in D.C. are more excited about the game before the game. 

That's because one of their dogs, a Doberman and Southern American Hound mix named Charlie, is one of 80 rescue dogs playing in the Puppy Bowl on Sunday.

Donielle Scherff, the seven-month-old's doggie mother, says Charlie got the star treatment while he was in New York to tape the two-hour special. 

"Charlie got the chance to ride in a chauffeur car. He got to be in a five-star hotel. He learned how to use an elevator. And that for a puppy who started out life abandoned," Scherff said.  

As a puppy, Charlie battled with a weak immune system and struggled to eat. He lost a lot of fur and no one wanted him.

Photos of Charlie

"Gosh, I get a little emotional, we were spending a lot of time getting Charlie healthy," Scherff said. 

Eventually he soared, thanks to visits to the vet, medicine and special meals. 

"So when we went to puppy bowl our hearts were already in it. We wanted to give him the best home possible home," Scherff said.  

Centers like City Dogs Rescue in D.C. bring homeless puppies to the big game. They hope this exposure will help find them a forever home.

If you are interested in adopting one of the dogs competing in the big game, please visit Animal Planet's website 

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