WASHINGTON -- The amount of pay black women receive at work still lags behind their peers in the office.

According to the American Association of University Women, on average, black women only make 63 cents for every dollar made by a white man.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics [BLS] also says that the median weekly earnings of black men, white women and white men, respectively, is greater than the salary a black woman will typically earn.

On Tuesday, black women across the country worked to bring attention to the issue by highlighting “Black Women’s Equal Pay Day”.

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Lean In DC, a local group that is fighting to close the gender wage gap, hosted a panel to discuss the issue at Flight Wine Bar in Chinatown Tuesday.

Attendees told WUSA9 the issue is too big to ignore. Lean In DC member Ashley Jones said she has experienced the issue in the past.

“It is very jarring initially. You don’t understand why. You’ve done everything. You’ve gotten your credentials. You’ve gotten your experience. You’re trying to understand why you’re treated as a pariah,” she said.

Lean In DC member Tiffany Ingram said it is time to hold people power accountable to make sure change actually happens.

“I think it’s time that we stand up and demand more from our politicians,” said Lean In DC member Tiffany Ingram. “People who were voting in office are also promoting these status quos.”