WASHINGTON -- If you have ever taken a yoga class, you know how expensive that can be. Past Tense Yoga in Mount Pleasant knows that there are stereotypes that come with practicing yoga.

Now, they are working to break down those barriers, bringing yoga to the community. For Diana Jimenez, that opportunity has had a big impact in her life.

Jimenez moved to the United States from Mexico City nearly eight years ago. With a big Latino community, for her, Mount Pleasant is a little piece of home.

That's also where she discovered Past Tense Yoga. She is the first ever recipient of their scholarship program where she has been able to practice yoga for an entire year, for free.

"The point of it is to try to bring yoga to the people. To allow people who don't have the means to take yoga regularly," said Jimenez.

Walking into a studio can be intimidating, that's why Past Tense offers free community classes two times a week.

"Sometimes it's hard to live in another country and not speak the language that well. It can really cause anxiety and yoga is really great for that," said Jimenez.

During the summer, the free community classes are every Tuesday and Saturday at 4:30 p.m.