A D.C. woman is pushing people to spend less time online, and more time having meaningful conversations in person. She's doing it through t-shirts.

Ayanna Smith admits she used to spend a lot of time online, reading through news stories, addicted to reading some of the comments. She told us when she saw how people were fighting and arguing with complete strangers, she wanted to do something about it.

"I thought to myself we need to be having these conversations face to face to really have an understanding," Smith said.

That's how her company, "Ask Me Tees" got started. Smith put burning questions on clothing. Some of her shirts tackle political and social issues and read "Ask me, kneel or stand."

Others tackle recent events, like the outpouring of women coming forward about sexual harassment.

"We have a lot of division in our country right now. Martin Luther King said we hate each other because we don't know each other and 50 years later, we're still finding ourselves in the same place," Smith said.

Many of her shirts spark uncomfortable, but important conversations that Smith believes need to happen face to face.