WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Residents of Washington, D.C.’s Shaw neighborhood told WUSA9 that they are being targeted by a smash and grab thief on a bike.

According to those living on or near Q and Marion street northwest, the suspect(s) rides his bike slowly down the street, casing the neighborhood, peeking inside car windows before striking. Residents can easily identify at least one of the suspects.

“He’s not hard to find,” a neighbor said.

Mona Garcia is the latest smash and grab victim. She was visiting a friend on Seventh and Q streets northwest. When she returned to her car a little over an hour later, her wallet, passport and other belongings tucked away in her gym bag were gone.

“To come back to this,” Garcia said, “was just a mood killer.” She estimated that it would cost about $1,000 to replace the stolen items.

Garcia filed a police report. She said the officer spent five to seven minutes with her before he had to leave on another call.

There are a myriad of victims — all in the area surrounding Q and Marion streets northwest.

“My truck got broken into, one of my other guy’s trucks got broken into,” said a contractor working on Q and Marion streets northwest.

Broken glass is scattered across curbs throughout the neighborhood. Item’s that the thieves don’t fancy are discarded and scattered in nearby alleys. Garcia searched them, finding only her jacket.

D.C.’s third district watch commander said that he first heard about the smash and grabs last week. They'll begin reminding residents today to not leave valuables in their vehicles for any reason. He added that the department already has the literature in hand.