WASHINGTON -- Mayor Muriel Bowser has rescinded a state of emergency for the District after the projected track of Hurricane Florence shifted away from Washington.

"As Hurricane Florence moves away from majorly impacting the District, I have rescinded the state of emergency order," Mayor Bowser tweeted Thursday.

The state of emergency had been issued because the storm system is expected to have widespread effects on the area and this requires emergency protective actions, the government said.

States of emergency also were issued in Virginia and Maryland.

The hurricane is expected to make landfall late Thursday night along the North Carolina coast.

WATCH LIVE: Hurricane Florence along the Carolina coast

Our final impacts in D.C. from Florence may not be as bad with the current track of where Florence is expected to go, but it will still bring some rain and showers to the area next week. Some of those showers & storms could have locally heavy rain. Some showers will linger into parts of Saturday and perhaps Sunday, mostly south of I-66.

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The state of emergency was issued in order to protect the citizens of the District because there were "imminent threats on the people of D.C., including threats to health, safety and welfare," Mayor Bowser's emergency order stated.

It would given the city the ability to apply for financial assistance through the Federal Emergency Management Agency or any other recovering agencies, the government stated.

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Residents can visit https://ready.dc.gov/ for updates and to see how to prepare for the hurricane with advice on emergency kits and other helpful items. Mobile users can also download an app.

DC residents can also sign up for #AlertsDC to receive updates on emergency information http://alertdc.dc.gov.

We are following the latest on Hurricane Florence as the storm comes closer to landfall. We will have the latest updates on how storm could impact our area every three hours.