A D.C. police officer is alright after leaping from his bike Sunday in an effort to stop someone driving an illegal three-wheeler on city streets.

A video posted to Reddit shows the suspects laughing and cursing as they lead at least two police cars and the police cyclist on a slow speed chase through the city.

About a minute into the video, the police officer pulls his bicycle close to the motorized three-wheeler and jumps off and reaches for the suspect. He falls short, tumbles to the ground, and the police cruisers stop to avoid hitting him. Metropolitan Police Department spokeswoman Karimah Bilal says the officer suffered very minor injuries.

"The illegal activity of the ATV riders consistently places the public in danger and exhibits immature behavior," said Bilal.

Police don't usually chase ATV riders because the risks to innocent bystanders are too high.

Witnesses said a police helicopter hovered overhead as the group of ATV riders cruised up 14th St, NW. But Bilal said there have been no arrests so far.