WASHINGTON, DC — WASHINGTON -- Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Peta-Gay Lewis said her new neighbors assaulted her in her own backyard.

On Tuesday evening, the single mother of two was in the house when she spotted three people in her backyard. She went outside to ask them to leave but she says the two women and man attacked her, hurling insults and curses at her and then she said one woman punched her.

"I hit her back because I'm not going to let someone beat me up," she said.

The two women scuffled before police were called. She said they admitted they were neighbors and told her they were looking for their dog.

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But Commissioner Lewis, who represents the Ivy City section of Northeast, DC, was already on edge because she believes people have been trespassing on her property.

In the past month, she has found trash including discarded and used condoms in her backyard.

According to the police report, the case was filed as "simple assault criss-cross" because of conflicting stories and the reporting officer did not know "who was the aggressor."

Lewis said she will file retraining orders against her neighbors.

"I'm terrified," she said.