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DC lawfirm's Veritas tweet goes viral

The Veritas Law Firm wants everyone to know they have nothing to do with Project Veritas.
Attorney Scott Rome at the Veritas Law Firm's office in Washington, D.C.

The Veritas Law Firm wants everyone to know they have nothing to do with Project Veritas—the conservative non-profit that was recently implicated with an attempt to embarrass The Washington Post with a fake story.

The Washington Post said Jaime Phillips told them she had been impregnated as a teenager by Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. They published an article on Nov. 27 claiming that Phillips’ story was false and connected her with Project Veritas and its ongoing attempts to discredit and expose them and other news media organizations as biased.

Scott Rome, an attorney at the D.C.-based Veritas Law Firm, tweeted on behalf of his firm to clear up any confusion stemming from their shared name.

“I certainly did not expect the tweet to go that viral,” Rome said. “I was surprised to see my phone buzz all night long, but it just shows that Mr. O’Keefe and his company are not very popular right now and for good reason.”

Rome said he has already been contacted twice since he posted the tweet by people interested in suing Project Veritas. He added that both cases need to be researched diligently before coming to any conclusions, but based on what he has found so far, and from what O’Keefe and Project Veritas have done in the past, there could be a defamation lawsuit.

Rome and the Veritas Law Firm are currently doing pro bono work for Cork Wine Bar in their lawsuit against Trump's D.C. hotel.

“I think when people are being hurt in the current political climate we as lawyers have an obligation to stand up for them,” Rome said.

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