WASHINGTON — A fire at a pizza shop has displaced a D.C. firefighter and his family who lived above the store, D.C. Fire officials said.

The fire occurred Friday at 1300 East Capital St., Northeast. There were no injuries reported.

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Vito Magiollo, the public information officer for D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services, said the fire was put out relatively quickly.

While no injuries were reported, fire officials work toward staying safe in Friday's heat. 

"As you can tell, we're working under horrid weather conditions today, so in addition to the challenges of fighting an intense fire, we're also fighting the heat outside," Magiollo said. "We're being very careful to rotate our firefighters on the scene and we have a very aggressive rehab and re-hydration program."

Magiollo said the firefighters are being evaluated to ensure their safety.

"Our rehab unit is here, the firefighters are being checked out medically, they're being given the opportunity to rest and re-hydrate, and we ensure that they're capable of going back to duty before we release them," Magiollo said.

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