The D.C. DMV will now allow residents to choose a gender neutral identifier when they get a local ID card or driver's license.

The department announced the move Tuesday after months of planning. According to the DMV, residents later this month will be able to select a gender option that includes "non-binary", "undesignated" and other categories.

The identifier will be marked with an "X" on their cards instead of an "M" or "F."

Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau introduced a measure Tuesday that also would offer a non-binary option on ID cards.

Read the proposed legislation

"The District has always sought to be a safe and welcoming place for our LGBTQ community, and today we are continuing to deliver on that legacy," said Councilmember Nadeau in a statement. "Gender is a spectrum and some of our residents do not identify as male or female. Current licenses force residents to conform to genders that don't accurately reflect their identity.

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Oregon also plans to add a non-binary option to residents' driver's licenses in July.