WASHINGTON - A D.C.-based personal trainer says she wants to offer workouts to all bodies, and the way to do that is to respect every body.

Bianca Russo founded Body Positive Bootcamp, and offers workouts at FIT360DC in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of Northwest D.C.

"I'm especially open to giving one-on-one personal training services to queer people, transgender folks, and people who either identify as fat or people of size.," Russo said.

She said many gyms have barriers for people who don't feel welcome as they are. She trains people inside FIT360DC, and is so in demand, she has to recommend her clients book three months out.

"What my clients expect from me is a special attention, and sensitivity to what their barriers are in those other gyms," Russo said.

On Tuesday, she trained her client Marianne Kirby for 45 minutes. They did Romanian deadlifts, and worked with the battle rope, kettlebells and medicine ball. Kirby said this time is important to her.

"It's a 40 minute Uber ride from where I am in Alexandria to there, and I make that drive just about every Tuesday because to come here means I'm in an environment where I can be in my body without shame, without judgment, without the ever present diet culture and insistence that you have to conform to a certain way," Kirby said.

Russo said next she wants to reach out and invite more people within the disabled community and find a way to offer workouts online for people who are deaf.