You know him as the godfather of Go-Go: Chuck Brown. He was one of the pioneers of that famous rhythm that has deep roots in Washington, D.C.

There's an artist who wants to make sure those roots stay planted -- for generations to come.

WUSA9 traveled to Anacostia to meet him.

That’s where we found a mural called, “Many Voices, Many Beats, One City.” It’s located right off of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue in Southeast, D.C.

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The mural is an artist tribute to D.C.’s Go-Go legends (some you know and some you may not). D.C. Mural artist Cory Stowers says it’s also not done.

Stowers has a personal connection to the work. What’s the song that changed his world?

“It’s got to be Sardines by Junkyard,” said Stowers. “That’s the first Go-Go song I’ve ever heard. I think I was in third grade.”

He says there wasn’t a school dance without it.

That was also one of the first songs to greet her when she came to the city.

Now, back to the mural. Here’s why Stowers and his team of artists chose to create what they did:

When it comes Go-Go, “Chuck Brown set out to define a sound for Washington D.C., to create a sound for the town and that pocket beat is the heartbeat of Washington D.C.,” said Stowers.

Now, the challenges is capturing the youngsters. Since everything’s done on a cell phone now, why not bring a mural to life with one?

It’s called ‘Augmented Reality’ – a technology that can superimpose created images over a view of the real word according to Google Dictionary.

There’s examples of doing this with murals on YouTube. Stowers wants to do this with the Anacostia mural. He wants to show videos created of Go-Go's champions.

The kicker: it costs money. Codes are even created to do this.

Murals DC already paid a pretty penny, around $20,000 for the team of artists to create the artwork standing now. To the city it’s done – but Stowers is still crowdfunding for at least another $4,000.

Adding this interactive portion is their way of keeping the beat going for the young, the new, even the old.

For the elderly living in a neighborhood of flux, Stowers says, “This mural right here will maintain the culture.”

WUSA9 first learned about the project through his GoFundMe page. You can also find more information about the mural and the work done behind it.