Excitement continues to build as the premiere of "Black Panther" nears in theaters.

The movie focuses on a black superhero who fights for good in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hilton George is the convention chair and CEO of 'blerDCon'. It is a comic and sci-fi convention that focuses on diversity and inclusion.

He said Black Panther will make a major impact.

"I think what's different with Black Panther is that there is a cultural aspect to this," George said.

He added it's all about representation.

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"People love to see themselves reflected in the genres that they love," George said.

He also said he hopes that the movie will draw more black children to become interested in comics.

"Black participation in all things geek is going to be accentuated, amplified, and man I can't wait," George said.

George has also planned a watch party for the movie's premiere. You can learn more about it by clicking here.