WASHINGTON -- D.C.’s first beauty shop for women of color by women of color opened Saturday in Dupont Circle.

The Brown Beauty Co-Op went from a concept about 7 months ago to a storefront on Connecticut Avenue, NW.

Kimberly Smith and her best friend and sorority sister, Amaya Smith, are overwhelmed by the response from women of color who said the store is exactly what they needed. A one-stop shop for hair care, skin care and makeup products for all shades.

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“I was really frustrated with going to beauty stores and they would not have my foundation or skin care products that spoke to the issues I was having,” Kimberly explained.

“Women of color, we outspend other women when it comes to beauty so we're big spenders, but we haven't received the level of service or project that match what we're spending. You can come in and try without feeling you're being pigeonholed to a corner or an aisle the entire store you can find something for you.”

The women already have plans to flex their melanin magic: come January they'll have workshops on natural hair care and make-up artists will be able to take appointments in their make-up lounge.

They have even decided to pay-it-forward by helping the next great idea get off the ground.

“We're looking into an incubation program where we can help emerging businesses that want the brick and mortar experience and try their products out,” said Smith.