WASHINGTON -- Over the weekend national Latino advocacy group UNIDOS hosted its annual family expo at the Washington Convention Center. In the center of the convention was an art installation that resembled a border war.

From the distance, it looked like an ad for something, but it wasn’t, it was art. Art made when the artist, Yancy Villa Calvo got fed up with the current administration’s rhetoric on immigrants.

“I could not be just upset and depressed, I needed to use what I had,” she said.

The art combines mirror silhouettes with a long-walled panel of diverse families. Then, along a chain-link fence you’ll find prayers, messages, and thoughts.

“In Mexico, when you need a miracle you write it on a ribbon and you go to the temple of the church you pin it to the Virgin Mary veil or a saint,” she explained.

“Right now, we are so polarized, we are not going to get anywhere if we do not have a conversation,” she explained.

That’s the point of Yancy’s art. Maybe her miracle will be to jumpstart a national conversation on borders.