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American University class discusses the state of the 2020 election

Presidential Campaign 2020: Inside the Spin Room and the Newsroom aims to dissect the campaign from several angles.
Credit: WUSA9

WASHINGTON — Every Thursday students at American University will meet to discuss the state of this year's presidential campaign. They are part of a class titled, "Presidential Campaign 2020: Inside the Spin Room and the Newsroom.”

Also joining the class each week is WUSA9 anchor-reporter, Bruce Johnson.

The course was created by Professor Leonard Steinhorn back in 2000. Steinhorn is a political analyst, strategist and political historian.

The mission is simple, Steinhorn said. 

"We will peel away each layer of this historic campaign, decode the images the candidates project, analyze the political and message strategy, examine the public mood, and look at each candidate's roadmap to victory. To do this, we will immerse ourselves in strategy, polls, issues, data, and media. We will dissect ads, debates, rhetoric, stagecraft, and images--and show how the press and pundits cover it all."

WUSA9 will live stream these classes every Thursday from 10 a.m. through 11:30.a.m. on our website and free mobile app.

In the November 5, 2020 class, students will examine the outcome of Tuesday’s presidential election: its meaning, what happened, why, polling, how the razor thin Electoral College will keep Trump in charge of the GOP, and also the President's statements about fraud and the election being stolen from him.

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