WASHINGTON -- The all clear has been given at the Cannon House Office Building after the alarm went off due to a malfunctioning electrical panel.

The building located at 27 Independence Ave in Southeast D.C. was evacuated just before noon Thursday. At the time it was not clear why the alarm went off, however everybody was told to evacuate the building.

US Capitol Police and the Architect of the Capitol investigated and found a malfunctioning electrical panel. There were no reports of fire or smoke.

The building was cleared for re-entry at 1 p.m.

The following alert was sent out via e-mail:

EVACUATE: Cannon due to an audible alarm. Occupants should:

* Remain calm and move in a safe manner to the exits.

* If nearby, take annunciators on the way out.

* Close doors behind you but do not lock.

* Proceed immediately to your designated assembly area and check in with your OEC.

The Cannon House Office Building is also known as the Old House Office Building. It is the oldest congressional office building. It houses offices for congressional workers.