A generous push from the Washington Nationals Pitcher and his wife and open hearts of residents here in D.C., mean some dogs and cats from Texas have quickly found some forever homes.

Texas Cares: Donate to help Hurricane Harvey victims

"Considering what they've been through the past 24 hours, plane ride, being crated they're just amazing," said David Smith, Spokesperson for the Humane Rescue Alliance.

It's been a long journey that would make anyone weary -- 1600 miles to be exact. Twenty dogs and cats from San Antonio, Texas to D.C.'s Humane Rescue Alliance were flown wit the help of Wings of Rescue and the Humane Society.

The trip will make room at shelters in Houston, so animals there will have a chance to be reunited with their owners as recovery efforts after Hurricane Harvey continue.

The Nats pitcher and his wife have paid for all adoption fees from Thursday until Sunday. The shelter in NW D.C. will continue to accept animals from Texas until there is no longer a need.