WASHINGTON -- D.C. police are searching for four people they believe threw giant chess pieces from the rooftop of an apartment building near Union Station Monday evening.

A Twitter user captured photos of the broken windshields of an Acura and Volkswagen after the massive chess pieces fell from the building.

"Today in D.C. craziness - Someone apparently checked plastic chess pieces off the roof of senate square apartments near union station," tweeted Nathan Kron.

A woman who works nearby saw the aftermath.

"There were cops in the yard here and there were all these supersized chess pieces lying around," she said. "The cops had blocked off both ends of the street and everyone was looking up at the parapet of this apartment building. Evidently someone had been hurling these giant chess pieces down to the ground."

The woman told WUSA9 that no one was hurt, but "evidently they smashed the hell out of this car."

If you have any information regarding this incident, you are urged to contact D.C. police.