Texas. Las Vegas. Newtown. Columbine. Here's a question we're hearing all over the place: Is this the new normal?

Lori Haas' daughter Emily Daughter was shot twice and survived the Virginia Tech massacre.

"I think this is not the normal that we want to accept. Nor do we want to live in," she said.

She's now the Virginia State Director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

"One thing that citizens can do is become a single issue voter, if the candidate for whatever office, whether it's local, state or federal office, is not a supporter of gun violence prevention, don't vote for them," she said.

Rabbi Shaul Praver was the Rabbi at the only synagogue in Newton, Connecticut when the Sandy Hook Massacre happened.

His advice, "Now we need to draw very deep into the wellsprings of your faith. No one is ever prepared for something like this, we weren't, you're not, nobody should get used to something like this."

Andrea Powell of D.C. is a victim of random gun violence.

"It's not just about guns, it's about people who access them, it's about educating individuals other ways to deal with their problems," she said. "We're all connected and we all have to care about the person next to us and the person who's far way from us who's a victim equally."