Students at one D.C. school have a unique task ahead of them. They get to restore a 64-year-old plane.

Seventeen teenage students of the British International School of Washington are taking part in the STEM project.

The school recently received a 1952 Piper Pacer 135 from the Build-A-Plane program. That program had received the plane from the Mary Feik Estate.

The plane sits in a hangar at Hyde Field in Clinton, Maryland. Students will travel to Hyde Field to fix up the plane on a weekly basis for two years.

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At the end of the project, the school hopes to make the plane flightworthy.

Instructor Melinda Benson Viteri said the hands-on experience students will receive from the project is unique.

"This is how our students want to learn," she said.

Zayn Danahar, 12, is excited to take part in the project too. He said it could even influence his future.

"I've always thought of being an engineer in the future and maybe this will excel the advantage that I have in my future job," he said.

The project has proved to be very popular at the British International School of Washington. Organizers say there is actually a waiting list for students to get in the "Build-A-Plane" club.