WASHINGTON — DC’s 'Mayor For Life,' Marion Barry, may soon get another special honor: a road named after him.  

Good Hope Road has been a main thoroughfare through Southeast, D.C. since the 1800s.

Now, a new proposal would see the road renamed Marion Barry Way.

Marie Cooke, who grew up in D.C., said she supports the proposal.  

"Throughout my years I can remember Marion Barry -- the good he brought, and the good he’s done for the city," Cooke said.

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Marion Barry died in 2016. Barry was a civil rights activist and two-time mayor of D.C. He served in public office for decades. A statue of him now stands in front of city hall. He's remembered for a summer works program that still exists today. And, getting re-elected despite an FBI raid and a stint in jail for smoking crack.

D.C. resident Paul Anthony said he too supports a name change. He said he believes the good he brought to the city should overshadow the controversy. 

"He represented D.C.," Anthony said. "Even though what happened, he still represented. Like anybody, like a parent, we fail sometimes, but we still take care of family."

But not everyone who supported the former mayor supports the name change. Carol Casperson is the recording secretary of the Fairlawn Citizens Association. The group consists of more than 150 neighbors who live near Good Hope Road. In June, more than 50 members at a meeting decided to vote against naming the road after Barry.

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"Historically it’s been Good Hope Road, and we don’t like people coming in and changing it every ten twenty thirty years because of somebody they really like," Casperson said.

The proposal has the support of Barry’s widow, Cora Masters Barry, and Ward 8 Councillor Trayon White.

Council is also considering renaming a downtown office building in his honor.

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