WASHINGTON -- It took the death of a pedestrian to get neighbors what they say they've been demanding for decades: speed bumps and a four-way stop at a busy intersection in Anacostia.

D.C. Transportation Director Jeff Marootian is now promising to install traffic calming measures within the next few weeks. It comes after Abdul Seck was killed Easter Sunday while crossing the street at 16th and V SE.

There was no sign of transportation workers at the intersection on Monday, but the Bowser Administration promises they will be there over the coming days, installing the speed bumps and stop signs as quickly as possible.

Dejuan Marshall, 21, is now looking at the possibility of decades behind bars in the death of Seck, and the injury of four other people besides himself. Two of the people hurt were children.

Police said a witness told them Marshall got in an argument with his girlfriend two blocks down from the crash at 14th Street, jumped in his Chevy and took off at a high rate of speed, blowing through the stop sign down at 15th Street and then another stop sign at 16th. Then he slammed into a Chevy Malibu, pushing it into the crosswalk where Seck was walking and killing him.

Neighbor Ashley Coleman said there are so many crashes involving speeding drivers that it doesn't really surprise him someone was eventually killed. He said he was hit by a car that sped through the stop sign about 20 years ago. He applauded on news of the new speed bumps and stop signs, but said,  "Forty years too late.... Should have done it a long time ago."

Neighbors plan to hold the city to it's promises.

Mayor Bowser has been promising to reduce traffic deaths to zero under her Vision Zero plan. But in the last four years, the numbers have been climbing. So far this year, there have already been eight, including one cyclist on Friday, and Seck on Sunday.