WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- When you drive through D.C.’s most crime ridden areas, you’ll easily find graffiti on old buildings or down abandoned alleys.

The Department of Public Work has been working to replace tagged buildings with original works of art. It’s part of a program called MuralsDC.

Last week, artists worked on walls on 14th Street NW and T Street NW. Kate Deciccio and Rose Jaffe spent the last ten days working on a wall on the back of the Xi Omega House at 4411 14th Street NW.

“This building has been a part of the community for so long,” said Rose Jaffe, who grew up in D.C. and went past this wall with her family hundreds of times throughout her life.

Now, Jaffe is painting the sorority’s history on the wall in place of graffiti.

“I love this city,” Jaffe said.

“I love this community and I think there’s a lot of changes going on. It’s interesting to be an artist amidst those changes.”

Jaffe and Deciccio have worked together across the country and are planning a trip to paint in Pakistan in the new year.

Deciccio describes their work as authentic community storytelling.

“The mural literally belongs to the community,” said Deciccio.

Several community members will stop and comment on the mural as they walk by every day.

“They’re like ‘Oh my gosh’ you painted that? Like the whole thing?’ It’s the best,” said Deciccio.