WASHINGTON — The DC Circulator could soon ride again on the streets of Ward 7.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser announced the possibility as she presented her budget for Fiscal Year 2020 during a meeting Tuesday morning at the Wilson Building.

Bowser's budget would set aside $13 million dollars for a new Ward 7 Circulator.

The mayor also announced on Monday, during her State of DC address, that all DC Circulator service in the city would be made free to riders indefinitely.

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The move, while applauded by many residents, was simultaneously criticized by locals who do not have access to the DC Circulator in their communities.

Ward 7 residents were particularly critical of the move since DC Circulator service had been taken away from the Hillcrest neighborhood roughly a year ago.

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The mayor's proposed budget foresees $3.1 million to continue offering free DC Circulator bus services in fiscal year 2020.