There’s a big, new art project about The District.

It’s growing all the time. It goes after President Trump. Specifically, one of his favorite sayings.

This project is against the idea D.C. is only lawmakers and lobbyists.

D.C. residents know it’s not. Now, this project wants to show the world.

“Drain the swamp!” Those three words started this. A shrine to D.C. culture online. It’s called D.C. is real.

“To make sure that people understand that people do live in D.C.," said Morgan West.

West started this.

It’s simple. Tweet or Instagram your thoughts with the hashtag “DC is real.”

“The drain the swamp rhetoric is something we've gotten a little tired of hearing as residents and business owners," said West. "So this seems like a great opportunity to get dc to rally around shifting the national narrative.”

You can submit thoughts on “A Creative DC” That’s the art collective West started. There’s a form. There’s also a running feed of submissions.

“It's not just federal government," said West. "We have so many people here who are doing things in communities that are alongside federal government but aren't necessarily related to them.”

The Tweets just keep coming. There’s been more than a thousand of them. Responses get complied into a tiny movie known as a gif.

Artists are also getting together IRL. That means “In Real Life.” They showed this all off at a benefit last weekend.