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Daron Wint: Quadruple murder suspect's criminal history

The criminal history of Daron Dylon Wint includes charges in an incident outside his former workplace and one involving threats to kill a woman and her baby.
Daron Wint from his arrest in Prince George's County, Md. in 2010

ID=27775691WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The criminal history of Daron Dylon Wint, who is accused of killing a Northwest D.C. family and their housekeeper, includes charges in an incident outside his former workplace and one involving threats to kill a woman and her baby.

Wint had worked at American Iron Works where Savvas Savopoulos was CEO. Wint is accused of murdering Savvas, his wife Amy, their son Phillip and their housekeeper Vera Figueroa.

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Wint's legal history

Wint has had more than 30 brushes with the law, including serious charges starting in 2005 as well as minor charges. He has also gone by several different names, such as Steffon, Dillion (on Facebook), and the Maryland case search lists a middle name of Dennis and Dellon Dennis.

Below, are some of the the incidents Wint was charged and/or convicted of in local jurisdictions:

Wint accused of threatening to kill woman and baby, destroying property

In 2010, Wint pleaded guilty to malicious destruction of property after he allegedly threatened to kill a woman and her infant daughter. The Associated Press reports that Wint was accused of breaking into the woman's apartment, stealing a television and vandalizing her car. Wint reportedly called the woman to tell her: "I'm going to come over there and kill you, your daughter and your friends." He also claimed he was "good with a knife" and "not afraid of the police" and could 'kill them easily," reports AP. The Daily Mail reported that Wint had gone out to a club with a female friend and some of her friends before the incident.

Wint allegedly found with machete, BB pistol outside AIW

Wint was arrested for carrying a two-foot-long machete and a BB pistol outside the American Iron Works headquarters in 2010, but weapons charges were dropped after he pleaded guilty to possessing an open container of alcohol, reports the Associated Press.

Wint accused of assaulting woman at nightclub

In August 2009, Wint was accused of second-degree assault and a fourth-degree sexual offense, but the state dropped the charges in November of that year, according to a Maryland court case search. The Daily Mail reports that Wint allegedly followed a woman from a club and punched her in the face, causing her hit the floor. She fled with friends.

Wint charged in New York stabbing

Wint was arrested in 2006 in Oswego, N.Y. and charged with stabbing a man, according to the Syracuse Post-Standard. A spokesman for the New York State court system said that Wint was arrested at least three times in the late 2000's on assault charges and been convicted in some cases, report our news partners at the Washington Post.

Wint accused of assault

In December 2008, Wint's then-girlfriend told police about multiple instances of abuse by Wint during the month. The first was on December 12, when the two of them got into an argument in their car after leaving a restaurant. Wint's girlfriend says he turned the ignition off while she was driving on 295, and then did it again later. She attempted to call police, but Wint grabbed her phone and threw it out the window, according to a handwritten statement from her. Later that night, they returned home and Wint grabbed her and threw her into a wall, according to Wint's girlfriend.

On December 23, 2008, Wint's girlfriend said the two of them got into another argument. The girlfriend threatened to leave and call police, at which point Wint grabbed the phone, destroyed it and left for 20 minutes. When he returned, Wint's girlfriend wouldn't let him in. She eventually went outside to confront him, at which point Wint grabbed her and threw her on the ground, Wint's girlfriend told police.

On, December 24, 2008 Wint grabbed his girlfriend by the neck, threw her on the bed, slapped her, punched her in the legs and began hitting her in the legs with a belt, according to Wint's girlfriend.

Restraining orders issued against Wint

Wint has had two separate restraining orders issued against him. The first stems from an incident in 2005 after Wint allegedly made threats of violence against a woman inside her home while her child was present. Police were called to the scene and removed Wint from the home, but after they left Wint allegedly stood outside the home and continued to make threats.

The second restraining order came after a incident in 2006. A person noticed an unfamiliar vehicle in their driveway without tags and called police. Officers checked on the car and could not tell if it was a stolen vehicle. Later that evening, Wint allegedly returned to the home to pick up the vehicle. The homeowner then told Wint not to park that vehicle on their driveway, at which point Wint allegedly threatened the homeowner and their family.

The first restraining order was in effect for a year, while the second lasted for six months.

Wint's personal background

The 34-year-old moved from Guyana to the United States in 2000, the Associated Press reports. The Marine Corps confirms that Witt signed up for boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina from July to September 2001 but dropped out. He never earned the title of Marine.


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