WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Some Verizon customers are feeling the impact of the multi-state strike.

Richard Evert ordered Verizon’s FIOS service in early April. It was supposed to be installed on April 13, which ended up being the same day Communication Workers of America (CWA) called for the strike.

“I actually found out the day before,” Evert said about the strike. “I called them [Verizon] up and said, ‘Is this going to at all impact the installation?’ And I was assured no impact, they’ll be there, you be there, and be ready for the installation.”

But Evert said the installation technician never arrived.

He was given two options to reschedule his appointment, “Either I could go online, and when I went online I saw there was appointments 2-3 weeks out. Or call. And when I went to call, I was put on hold for an hour and just finally gave up.”

When Evert got home from work Thursday night, Verizon left a voicemail on his phone that said due to work stoppage they cannot reschedule his installation at this time.

“I can only imagine how many other customers have been impacted,” Evert said. “I’m sure it’s not just myself.”

Thursday evening, Verizon said they are bringing in even more non-union employees to help cover for striking workers. The company said they already trained thousands of employees to step in and help, and they are working hard to try and keep disruptions to a minimum.

A Verizon spokesperson said they can’t comment on individual cases or how many installations have been canceled since the strike started Wednesday.

CWA estimates there are 20,000 Verizon employees in Virginia and Maryland on strike and a total of more than 39,000 employees along the East Coast.

CWA said they haven’t heard from Verizon today and will continue to strike.